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Free Northern's Buy Sell And Trade Classifieds
September 21, 2019 Free Northern's Buy Sell And Trade ClassifiedsVOL.19, NO.263
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About Free Northern Classifieds

History of Free Northern Classifieds

In early 2000 Free Northern Classifieds was one of the most popular classifieds in British Columbia. We had thousands of ads and over 3 million hits each month. We were one of the firsts to be in British Columbia(there was in Vancouver, but there was no such thing as or In 2005 our server was destroyed in a fire. The data was sent to a recovery centre, but everything was lost. It was one of the worst things that had ever happened to me.

Free Northern Classifieds Today

I decided to bring Free Northern Classifieds up again after 5 years of being gone. The reason I brought it back up was because of my mother, Brenda Legebrokoff. Mid 2009 my mother was diagnosed with cancer and was given six months to live. She was always behind me 100% with Free Northern Classifieds and often would even push me to bring it back up. So in her loving memory I decided to dedicate myself once again to Free Northern Classifieds. She has been my car with never ending gas to drive me to success once again.

The Future of Free Northern Classifieds

The future is never ending of new idea's and inventions. You can guarantee that Free Northern Classifieds will be paving the road for all the new ideas of the future. We will always strive to be the first to launch anything that will help the buy and sell community, that is our promise to you!

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